Tuesday, July 08, 2003

I have, in the last few days, watched several games of baseball. I should mention that I know absolutely nothing about baseball. In common with most Brits I have always viewed it as a glorified game of rounders.

My first thoughts on the game are that it is slow, very slow, even by American standards where you have lots of commercial breaks. I think this must be because in the other 3 big sports (ice hockey, american football, basketball) the game itself is very fast when play is actually taking place. Of course, it might just be because the game I watched was the recent win of the Yankees over the Red Sox 2-1. So it was mostly the pitchers striking the batters out. I'll keep watching on and off and see if it changes anywhere.

I think I worked out most of the rules by now though - even if I know nothing of the terminology. Next step is trying to work out what on earth all the stats mean. That could take a while longer...

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