Monday, July 14, 2003

Homosexual Marriage

I've been following some of the debate about the Federal Marriage Amendment, and for good or for ill here are my thoughts on the issue of homosexual marriage.

In the UK we are having to face the issue of homosexuality. The furore in the Church of England / Anglican Communion is just the latest sign of it. However, in most of the discussion I have heard or read, on both sides of the pond, it strikes me that people keep lumping the legal and the religious aspect of marriage.

'Marriage' of course is a word with very strong religious connotations. If we think of a 'marriage' most people initially think of some kind of religious ceremony. This is of course completely different from 'legal' marriage, which is regulated by the state.

I am opposed to religious homosexual marriage. I think that the concept of religious marriage needs to be further defined. It seems to me this is very important in the US where the religious and the secular state sit fairly uneasily side by side (witness the various arguments about the Ten ommandments or the Pledge of Allegiance). In the UK I think this will be necessary if the Church of England is ever dis-established, but until then we have an even messier situation.

That will not sort all the problems out, far from it. But it will perhaps make the debate a little clearer.

PS I note that I've lost the comment tags for the time being. I hope to get a email link for me up in the next week or so. Depends on me being brave enough to venture into the template.

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