Wednesday, July 30, 2003

ERA - finally!

I've worked out what it stands for! Or rather, I was absolutely resisting the urge to visit a website to find out, and see if I could either figure it out, or pick it up from the commentaries. It was clearly some kind of average, but what on earth did that E mean. Now I know, thanks to the nice commentator on the Rangers v Mariners match a couple of nights ago that said it off-hand.

Of course, I still have no idea how it is calculated, and to be honest I am not sure I really need to. I didn't really need to work out that 'E' after all. The lower the number the better, more or less. Under 4.00 being 'good' (inasmuch as 4 is a just a physchological boundary), under 3.5 seems to be 'very good' (ditto), and so on. I doubt I will be able to work thow it is calculated one out just from watching the matches though, so perhaps it is time to visit a site to find out.

In other news of my learning baseball I have now noticed there is such a thing as a running lane - but only because someone got docked for not running in it. I've now sorted all the fielding initials, and roughly where they are on the field of play. More of the pitching abbreviations are revealing their secrets - not just ERA.

Though how on earth 'BB' stands for I have no idea. I mean, it means a walk right? Ball Base? Seems possible.

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