Friday, July 11, 2003

Baseball update

First of all thanks to Greengourd for answering my query about the mysterious 'E', though my good friend Waddling Thunder when he read it also IM'd me the answer. When I was thinking about this post earlier today though I was going to ask what constitutes as an Error. However, when I was watching the Cubs/Braves game today I saw two examples of Errors, on by both teams.

Wonderful, except that has left me even more confused than before. One of the Errors I could understand, I think (throwing the ball into the crowd). The other just seemed to me like a case of bad fielding. And it left me with another question, what effect do Errors have on the game? Any at all? Or is it merely a statistic, which would seem odd given the prominence of their 'place' on scoresheets. Clearly something I am going to have to continue looking out for.

As for the game itself I enjoyed it. It is the first baseball game that I watched from start to finish - save for some of the 4th when I was getting my dinner out of the oven. It held my attention. Though the Braves were in control from about the 4th (iirc) it was no walk-over despite the 9-5 finish. There always seemed the possibility that the Cubs might come back.

All in all I've decided that the flow of baseball is alot like the flow of cricket. For most of the time very little really seems to be going on. And then all of a sudden it gets much more exciting. This quite laid back pace was not what I was expecting, especially since basketball and ice hockey in particular are incredibly fast games by UK standards. Just goes to show one ought not to generalise.

As for the rest of the stats, I have now worked out what 'RBI' means, and am getting an idea about what batter averages represent. Indeed, the batting terminology is unlocking itself quicker than I imagined. The pitcher terminology and stats though mostly remain closed books to me.

On a complete side-note I have to say that I absolutely adore the various infobars that US networks have displaying game information (such as score, innings, the mini-diamond and so on). So much better than the stuff for most games over here - though again cricket comes closest. Actually, that plants a thought, but I'll have to think it over before posting.

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